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OUR LEGACY AW11 ”Impressions”.

Our Legacy – Vinnare av Cafés Stora Modepris 2011

För fyra år sedan utsåg Café Our Legacy till Årets Nykomling, med kollektionen ”The Swing Of Pendulum”.

Denna första kompletta kollektion lanserades på SOLO våren 2008 med stor framgång.

2011 säljs Our Legacy i 220 prestigebutiker världen över och tar hem Cafés finaste kategori: Årets Designers

Juryns motivering

Lågmälda snitt och sobra färger i allt från linneskjortor till vaxade jackor. Sällan har en svensk modesuccé spridit sig utanför landets gränser lika snyggt och välförtjänt. Därför utses Cristopher Nying, Jockum Hallin och Richardos Klarén på Our Legacy till Årets designers 2011.

Grabbarna bygger ett OUR LEGACY vardagsrum.

-Redan första gången vi ställde ut på en mässa i Paris kom det fram representanter från välkända internationella butiker och berättade att vi hade något som de letat efter och saknade i sitt utbud, säger grundaren Jockum Hallin om expansionen.

Höstens kollektion heter ”Impressions”. Där tar Our Legacy delvis en ny riktning mot en färgskala i svart och grått. Här finns bland annat funktionella ytterplagg i vaxad bomull, tröjor i alpaca och kashmirblandningar samt okonstruerade blazers i kokad ull.

Grabbarna bakom OUR LEGACY: Cristopher Nying, Jockum Hallin och Richardos Klarén!

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A LEE Don´t Lie kampanj på SOLO!

Vi har ett stort utbud av LEE´S 101 kollektion, som är deras premium linje.


På Torsdag har vi på SOLO fest med LEE JEANS i Göteborg.

Vi kommer visa upp LEE´s AW11 kollektion och succékampanj A Lee don´t lie.

LEE JEANS fick pris som årets jeansmärke 2011 av tidningen CAFE, det tycker vi på SOLO att dom är värda.
Utsökt premiumdenim i en helt perfekt mix mellan slitstarkt och sofistikerat.

För er som vi lära er mer om LEE JEANS kommer här lite historia om märket.


When Henry David Lee moved toSalina,Kansas, in the late 1880’s, he had no way of knowing that his name would one day be a world-famous brand. But he would have liked it. He would have been proud of how Lee has managed to move and change with the times for over a hundred years, while always staying true to its fundamental brand values: being both modern and reliable, inventive and useful.

At age 40, H.D. Lee was the quintessential American entrepreneur, having already spent twenty-five years doing good business in such diverse fields as knitting machines, real estate, and oil. After moving toKansas for health reasons, he founded the H.D. Lee Mercantile Company in 1889, at first as a wholesale grocery company, putting the Lee name on fine foods such as ketchup and canned peaches. But in 1911 Lee decided to venture into a new area.

Back then, the workwear Lee bought from suppliers in the East was of disappointing quality, and deliveries were unreliable. H.D. Lee decided that he could do it better, and characteristically took matters into his own hands, starting production of overalls, jackets and dungarees.

From the very beginning, Lee knew how to use advertising, and had a very consistent approach to quality, which made the new products a prompt success.

In this first decade, the Bib Overall and the Union-All were exactly what the market needed. This kind of workwear was useful to the ever increasing number of car owners (who had to be able to take care of their not very dependable vehicles without ruining their clothes) as well as to soldiers in World War I.

During the 1920’s, Lee expanded in the workwear fi eld, designing new garments custommade for demanding professions such as railroad workers, loggers and seamen. The first jeans (also known as the 101´s) were designed with cowboys and rodeo riders in mind, and the company kept inventing new fabrics and details, such as the super-sturdy Jelt denim and the first zippered jeans and overalls.

In the 30’s and 40’s, real cowboys were becoming rare, but cowboy looks came into fashion. Lee kept going where demand was growing, launching Western items such as the Slim jacket and classic Storm Rider jacket, and of course the Lee Riders jeans. The 1940’s also saw the birth of the “Lazy S” back pocket stitching (designed to resemble a pair of long-horns) and the “Twitch” leather label, both still distinguishing Lee Jeans today.

Over the years, Lee has kept the contemporary pace, pioneering designs and inventions that times have called for: comfortably sharp in the 50’s, colourful leisure-wear for the 60’s and 70’s, fashionably faded 80’s jeans, authentic basics for the 90’s.

If he were here today, Henry David Lee would probably feel quite familiar with his brand. He would recognize the reIaunched 101´s, the blue-and-white Hickory-striped dungarees, the Loco jacket… but also our ambition to always anticipate the current. He would be proud of our continued endeavour to stay where we belong: with the times.

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Här är en liten film från SOLO och DENIM & SUPPLY eventet i Oslo förra veckan!

Tack till Eivind Taksrud.


SOLO presents Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren AW 2011 from Eivind Taksrud on Vimeo.

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