Idag startar hösten 2012 på allvar, först ut i våra skyltfönster är DOCKERS.

Här kommer frågor och svar om DOCKERS K1 kollektionen, trevlig läsning!

The Dockers® K-1 Khaki COLLECTION!

What is the Dockers® K-1 Collection?

The Dockers® K-1 Khaki story is a must for the elite khaki connoisseur. It is designed to encapsulate the mood of more than 165 years of khaki history, combining utility and military trends with style and uniformed design. Dockers® is committed to leading the khaki category with newly imagined styles.

The Dockers® K-1 Khaki is the most authentic military inspired pant available. The Dockers® K-1 Collection is therefore a collection built on the tradition, integrity and authenticity of the original.

From the dockyard to the factory floor, from the Western plains to great industrial cities, Khakis became an ideal fit, not only as work wear, but as a garment of style and comfort. Khaki tells a unique story like no other. It has travelled continents and oceans, won wars, been worn by movie stars and loved by Presidents.

Where does this season’s inspiration come from?

This season finds the Dockers® K-1 Collection inspiration coming from Teddy Roosevelt and his volunteer cavalry regiment, the Rough Riders.

This premium collection draws on the details, textures and colours from theUSmilitary uniforms of the 1890s, capturing the essence of the craftsmanship of these early battle fatigues.

The Dockers® K-1 Collection is modern in its design, fit, finish and construction, only the finer details suggesting the authenticity of yesteryear.

This season the Dockers® K-1 Collection offers a contemporary khaki style with a masculine military twist. Produced with the finest fabrics available, thereby providing a good contemporary fit and excellent wear. With its subtle early military detailing, the collection appeals to more than just your serious khaki connoisseur.

What can we expect from the Dockers® K-1 Collection?

The best products. The best fabrics. Where modern design technology meets fine craftsmanship and heritage. Almost every product you see in the Dockers® K-1 Collection comes from an archive piece we have in the archives at Levi Strauss & Co.,San Francisco.

The Dockers® K-1 chino – a standard straight fit pant – encapsulates the mood of more than a century khaki history, combining utility with comfort. The colour palette is what one might expect from a collection built on a military history, including Gold Rush, Rifle Green, Deep Garnet andSahara.

A particular favourite is the Dockers® K-1 Vintage Wash pant. It is designed on an original pant discovered in a cave inNorth America. The appearance of dark creases on the back of the pants and the intense wax like coating is almost an exact replica of the original, only tailored to give a more modern silhouette.

Where does Dockers® design teams get their inspiration from?

In our design research for the Dockers® K-1 Collection, we have worked tirelessly examining Khakis from all walks of life, painstakingly working through our archive. Levi Strauss & Co. entered the fashion psyche as far back as 1900 when it produced its first khaki pant. In 1906, it launched a wider portfolio of pants and tops under the ‘Sunset Label’. The simple design graphic of a red sun with red radiating rays became an instantly recognizable hit. The oldest khaki pant we have in our archive inSan Francisco– the ‘Cave Chino’ – dates back almost 100 years.

Military trends and Dockers®… Where does the link come from?

Fashion and style goes in circles. The collection we have takes its inspiration from the past, but is very much set in the present. If one thinks about the modern-day cycle of khaki, it began after WWII, when G.I’s returned home from war wearing khakis. Quickly their khaki pants became their everyday uniform. Many former soldiers returned to college wearing their khakis, exchanging a military shirt and tee for a white button-collar oxford cotton shirt and knitted tie. For those older guys, khakis became the everyday garb for the gas pump attendant, the garage foreman and the local pick-up driver.

During the 1950s, designers inEuropebegan to adapt the US khaki pant trend, trimming the original Army uniform design to make a slimmer more relevant silhouette. This new khaki – or chino pant style – became standard issue for men, particularly in southern Europe and on the East andWestCoastsofAmerica, and brought about the re-birth of the Preppy Style which would last for more than a decade.

Bild från SOLO Norrmalmstorg:

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Stockholm PRIDE!!


Besök någon av våra butiker i Stockholm för ett unikt erbjudande!!

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Acne, Adidas, Denim Demon, Dockers, Edwin, Emmett Jeans, Lee, Levi’s, Levi’s Vintage Clothing, Madly, Made In The Shade, Neuw, Nudie, Our Legacy, Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren, Replay, Tiger Jeans, These Glory Days, Uniforms for the Dedicated, Wrangler, Wrangler Blue Blell, mm.

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