Nudie Jeans 100% Ekologiskt!

Här kommer mer information om hur NUDIE JEANS blev 100% ekologiska:

On the Kick-off of summer 2006 Nudie Jeans declared that the goal for the future would be to have a 100% organic denim collection. And for FW12 we have reached that goal!

In the collection of FW12 all denims are made with 100% organic cotton. It has been a struggle to reach this goal. Most of our denim suppliers had few if any organic denims when we started this project. This has forced us to change the way we work and the reason that we can achieve this now for FW12 is that we due to our increased quantities makes it possible to develop our own fabrics. So instead of buying from the collections offered by our suppliers we have developed our own organic fabrics together with them, which also enable us to make them exactly as we want them to be.

The best suppliers of denims are located in Italy and Turkey. Since Turkey is also a major supplier of organic cotton it was natural to develop most of our denims there.  As always we only work with the best suppliers and constructions. Quality is always our top priority; if an organic fabric is not up to standard it is not in our collection.

We are especially pleased to be able to offer all power and comfort stretch in organic denim. These fabrics are even more difficult to source. Few suppliers offer the combination of high quality and environmental friendliness that we are looking for.


  • Global cotton production is accounting for 2.5% of the world’s arable land.
  • Conventional grown cotton consumes approximately 25% of the insecticides and more than 10% of the pesticides used in the world. (
  • A bale of cotton weighs about 227kg.
  • The fibre from one 227kg cotton bale can produce 215 pairs of jeans, 250 single bed sheets, 750 shirts, 1,200 t-shirts, 2,100 pairs of boxer shorts, 3,000 nappies, 
  • 4,300 pairs of socks.
  • One t-shirt made from conventional cotton represents 2700 litres of water, and a third of a pound of chemicals, which often contaminate water supplies.  
  • Cottonseed oil can be used for cooking or used in a range of industrial products such as soap, margarine, emulsifiers, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, rubber and plastics.
  • The growing season in total is 180 days. 
  • About 17% of all cotton production is picked by hand, mostly in developing countries (



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